March 24, 2012

Strugling to sing

In my childhood I had a very good friend who played the accordion. Playing the piano myself, I thought then that playing the accordion was a piece of cake... what was I thinking... it was like a fence you couldn't cross no matter how bad you try. I could not get my hands do two different things at the same time with the opening and closing of that instrument. Tough job. Impossible one for me...

When I saw this musician in the street of Hamburg I knew I had to bring him into my papers.
Cutting the accordion itself was only slightly less of a challenge than trying to play my friend's accordion. Hard!
It took some time...
Then cutting the other parts was easy and the drawing of his face was a breeze. I am still much more in peace with a pencil than with any thing else.
I have added some red touches with a red pencil on his cheeks. He looked so Russian and I have that image in my head that Russians have rosy cheeks.

Do you see the mistake in it? (hint - in the first photo)
As I was writing in my previous post, I usually have mistakes.

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