March 23, 2012

Mistakes and (not) straight lines

Mistakes are part of my work. Noting, I believe, is without faults. I actually embrace the mistakes (to some extent of course...).
My guru teacher used to tell us to make peace with the process shown on a painting. "Leave your mark" he would say, "show yourself in your work. Mistakes and change of mind is an essential part of your work".
So I am not shy in showing my mistakes and the "human" side which influence my work. I also never use a ruler to do any of the cuts, not even the frame cut. I am blessed with a quite steady hand, but looking closely you can see it is all rulerless...

So I proudly show here this work (which I haven't named yet).
On the bottom corner you can see the (not) straight line, and above there's a mistake I made - not continuing the line in the background.

I am still a novice in paper-cut art. I am doing it for only 3 months. Baby steps. However, since I work a lot (I have a tendency to get addicted to the art process), these are rapid baby steps :-)
So mistakes are made all the time...

In my art I sometimes make "mistakes" on purpose...
In my mono print which I names "That's All" (see bellow) I put deliberately the words in a  mirror position.
Maybe... but that's just me... :-)


  1. I feel a great connection to you Irit after reading this post. I am a linocutter in the way that you are a paper cutter - happily, not knowing why, using no other tools except the linocutters and making mistakes and carrying on. of course I paint and draw too but feel that linocutting is my 'home'. encouraging and inspiring to find a kindred spirit!

  2. Hey Maureen, I did some linocuts myself in my VERY past. I loved it. It's a great medium.