March 21, 2011

Days 5 and 6 - recording WIP

Today I started using the reds.
I am using stained glass that have "veins" of reds, oranges and yellows, and I will consider these colors and the direction of the veins. This will make me waste a lot of glass.
I cut stripes of glass which I later continue cutting randomly with the nippers. Of course I will need to shape now my glass to fit exactly the space I left for the reds. I will do it ONLY with the wheeled nippers. Again, this method will waste a lot of glass.
I started with the upper part of the leg - I move to the breast -
(p.s. the big green part on her back in the previous photo was not glued. I was just checking the color)
And the belly, other leg, and face.
I don't finish one part and then move to another part. I work simultaneously on all of her to make sure the color and materials work fine.
You can see that the pieces I marked with the arrow are cut with a curve. I cut the sape according to the volume and shape of the body. Even though the whole section there is going to be red, I'll try my best to mke each piece of glass following her roundness.
And here is a close-up. You can see the same method in the greens and greys too.
My table at the end of the day. I cleaned it for the sake of this photo :-)


  1. Irit, in your mosaic art, what adhesive do you prefer to use to adhere the glass. Thanks.

  2. This is very helpful, Irit. I'm hoping that you continue this series until the piece is finished. Coincidentally, I'm sitting at the airport, about to take my third trip to your neck of the woods, specifically Paris.

  3. Debbie -
    I usually use PVA, preferably for exterior. It doesn't make it water-proof but it is stronger and dried quicker.
    I sometimes use Ultramastic (which you work with like with thinset) and silicon.

    Gary -
    Welcome to my "neighborhood" :-)
    I will post here all the WIP until it is finished!

  4. Irit, this is wonderful! I have always thought it would be helpful to watch mosaic masters actually at work so that I can see how and why they make decisions and how they solve problems. Thank you for this! To see you, the artist, actually at work gives a whole new perspective.

  5. Irit another fabulous lady I loved the photos of your progress, I thank you!