March 23, 2011

Day 7 - recording WIP

She is becoming more and more complete, more and more alive.

I am working now on her face. I don't get into hardly any details in her face, but I still need to maintain some logic. Only the tips of her chin and nose are exposed to direct light.
You can notice that bellow her lips I chose a red piece with a red vein and I cut it and placed it so that the vein adds extra shade. I will need to continue with the proper shade of red. I'll need to choose a part of the glass that isn't too light, or it will make no sense. You can see bellow on the left it is too light. On the right the color is better.
Now I'll need to change a piece in the leg. The shade is too light. The right side is after the change.
Another amendment in the upper left. Not sure that it can be seen well in the photo. The red piece have a corner that "stops" the curve. I took out the piece and cut the tip. Now the curve is undesturbed.
There's no magic, all the process is very slow, and with me, crazily paying attention to such small details it's much more slower.
Here she is in the end of the day -


  1. your painting with glass process is fascinating

  2. Yes I agree with Francoise the painting in coloured glass is an exceptional artistic technique..this contemporary style of mosaic making is mosaic in the true sense of the word.

  3. Coming along beautifully....really enjoying your WIP and blog..............