March 19, 2011

Day 4 - Recording WIP

Today is the day I start putting some color in her.
I have to make up my mind about the colors and about how detailed should I get with the shading.
When you work on shading and you don't have a photo to rely on keep thinking about your source of light. This will help you do the shades correctly.

Work on all your figure on the same time. Meaning, don't finish the legs for example before you start with the face. The colors and shadings have to be right on every part.

I chose brown to do the parts that get the less light. I start with the back of her legs.I am not too sure about the brown. I move to do the other parts of the legs to see how the colors work together. I know that I definitely want that green. It is light enough to work well with the yellowish highlights, and will serve as a good shading to the reds I am planning to use (remember, complimentary colors? Very important!)
I removed the browns. It just didn't work. It eliminated all the light effect of the grey shading.
When you add the colors keep thinking about shapes and flows. If you are using andamento, keep follow her volume, if you are using cutting like I do in this piece, keep thinking about her curves. Don't be tempted to just fill in colors, because even if your colors are right she will loose her lightness.

This is how she looks at the end of the day -


  1. I love your Bigs and to have this opportunity to follow your process is a special treat!! It's like being in your studio with you. Hang on, I'm putting on some coffee...
    Love you so much!

  2. איזה מתח
    אני עוקבת אחרי הגברת.מרתק לראת את שלבי היצירה

  3. Good Linda, I am a coffeeholoic...
    תודה טל

  4. Irit, I love reading your blog. I am learning a lot about what colors can be used to shade and highlight. I was especially interested in skin tone coloring, so this is a great post. Please continue to post step by step information on creating this piece. I am learning more from this blog than some of the design techniques on facebook. Thanks. Debbie

  5. looking great Irit, love the movement in her right arm and hand..also love the green shading in the cooler areas of her skin.

  6. Irit... thanks for letting us watch you at work!

  7. Thanks girls for stopping by :-)