March 26, 2011

Day 9-10 - Recording WIP

I have repaired and finished her face and gave her more hair and then I started with her scarf.
I left the scarf last because I could not decide on its color before she is finished. Although reds and vivid colors should match her personality, it would not look as good against the redness of her body. I needed something different.
Whites were the right choice for me. It made the scarf light and move with her body.
She is finished now below the dirt :-)
Part one is finished.
Tomorrow I will examine her again with a fresh eye.


  1. Viva Irit. She is dynamic and magnificent. I love her.

  2. You are one of a kind, Irit. I can't believe you create all that wonderful art on such a small table ...

  3. Irit I love her she is alive!!!!

  4. I came to this page from a post on my FB page by Rayna Clark - your figure is so joyful. I love the color choices and use of line in particular ( not to mention the crowded corner of a table workspace!!!!). She is a quintessential example of being "light on one's feet"!!!