March 26, 2011

Day 11 - Recording WIP

Got into the studio today. Big was leaning on the wall facing me as I entered the room.
It was time to give her a good wash from the glue. I use windows detergent (I know others use vinegar mixed with water). I gave her a good spray, waited a minute for the glue on top of my glass to get soft and got her a good brush.
Some stubborn spots of glue I removed with one of my woodcut tools.
It is better to clean the mosaic in this stage. After I cut her out of the wedi the edges might get too fragile for a good brushing. Also, if I want to make a second layer, it is better to have the second layer on a clean surface.
Now, when the glass is clean I can take a new good at her. I can already see that I need to make her hair longer.
I am also debating as whether or not to add milli on her scarf. Millfiori will make it more joyous but will cover the white shading of the scarf. I took photos, went upstairs to upload them to my computer and just set down looking at these to photo side by side (the Milli on the right photos are not glued).
I spent about 3 hours in the studio. You might think I didn't get any work done because I didn't get any glass glued. But actually I did a lot of progress...


  1. Irit, I am not an experienced artist but if you want an objective opinion, I think the scarf looks better without the millifori. This is primarily because fit covers up the white highlights but in addition, takes attention away from the main subject.

  2. You don't need to be a professional artist to have a good eye, and you definitely have a good eye.
    I agree with you on the milli.

  3. Thank you so much, Irit, for posting your work in progress. It will help many of us who are just beginning to do mosaics. I glued white mesh to my wedi but the thinset sounds like a better solution. I am curious to know why you cut the mosaic out of the wedi and look forward to hearing what you do with it after that.