March 24, 2011

Day 8 - Recording WIP

This was a short day, only 2 hours of work.
I have started to work on her hair today.
Her right side of the face is not good. It doesn't look right and there should be some hair there too. I removed the red part and started working on the hair. I'll finish the face after I finish the hair.

The photo below is just to show you my reference. My sketch enlarged to the size of the mosaic. I have it by me all the time. I don't necessarily follow it precisely, but with it next to me I can see my initial intention. As you can see, I mosaic the hair totally differently than in the sketch. Actually this is all I managed to do today. Can't believe it that it took me 2 hours :-(
I can already see that I have to change that green mass on her face. Tomorrow...

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  1. Thanks, Irit, I enjoy this WIP series, and learn a lot !