March 16, 2011

Day 3 - Recording WIP

This is one of the parts in my work that I love the best - choosing materials.
My studio and storage rooms are loaded with many materials in many colors. So many, that some times I have real difficulties to choose.

I take out my stained glass, only the colors I think I am going to use, my stones, my broken pottery, vit tiles, Smalti, milli.... everything and put it around me.

Here in the photo you see only a fraction. At this point I am surrounded by materials, on the chairs, floors, sofa.

I have decided more or less on these colors and these materials - warm colors in stained glass, scrap glass and pottery. I know better now that it is not a final decision.

Since she is big, I can add grays the same way I did with the black outline as some shading. I love the gray glass, it is scrap glass I collected from L'Opio, the French manufacturer. Sadly they closed their gates in the beginning of this year. My work will need to go through a serious change when I finish all the supplies I have from them.

I try to lay the grays in the direction of the muscles. You don't need to study physiology for that, just touch yourself to feel the direction of your muscles and skin. I also jump making her movements to understand how to make her posture, even her hands and fingers.
I am stopping now with the gray shading, I might add more later.

Next I am choosing the color for the highlights. I will not count on my earlier decisions. I will take out again all my materials to see how they respond to what I have done so far. I'll consider not only the colors, but also the size of the materials and the texture. For example, I am not using vit tiles at the moment, though I love vitreous tiles, because they are too small (2x2 cm; 0.8x0.8 inches).
As beofre, I am cutting the glass randomly, though from now I'll need to nip it more and more as I go along to fit to what I already have. I glued the highlights on her breast, shoulder and top of the legs. Tomorrow I'll look at her with a fresh eye and see if I like these highlights. If I do I'll add the highlight to her face too.

4.5 hours have passed and this is what I have managed to finish today -


  1. She's alive Irit!! Thank you so much for sharing this process. I'm loving it.

  2. This is so much fun to read. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see more.
    Robin Friedman