March 15, 2011

Day 2 - recording WIP

As you will soon see, I keep changing.

What I have in my mind as an idea, and even a concrete idea such as this piece that I am working on is constantly changing.
Sometimes I don't like the colors, sometimes I don't like the shape of the materials and sometimes I can't even tell why something bothers me.

To remind you, by the end of the first day this is what I have managed to do:

Today I entered my studio and gave a good look at my big, and I just needed to remove the umbrella. Why? I am not sure... but it disturbed me. I didn't want her to hold anything and this diagonal straight was blocking her and didn't feel at all good with her lyric lines.

my next victim was her left leg (right to the viewer). The line as I did it suggested there was a knee there. NOT GOOD!

Up until now I spent an hour and a half working on her. Now that I am writing all this down it seems crazy, but believe it or not, I was actually busy all this time with her...
I got to my studio around 9 am, left around 2:30 pm.
This is what she looked like in the end of the day -
(p.s. the piece I marked red is "dirt", it is not part of the mosaic)
I have not finished her hair or hands. Her left palm is not finished because I am still not sure whether to have hand open or closed like a fist.
I am thinking to have her have a scarf (like my Marcher) and only after I actually start working on the scarf I will be able to finish her right arm and her hair.


  1. What fun this is to "watch" you work! I'm glad you pointed out that was dirt...I was afraid she had quite an interesting "outie" (belly button), Lol!

  2. Really love to follow your work!! Thanks a lot for sharing it and your questions along it! Emilie Ollier.

  3. So interesting to watch your thought process. I agree about the umbrella line. Way better without! Another big lady, woo hoo!