March 14, 2011

DAY 1 - Recording WIP

I have started a new piece in the Big series. This one is so far the biggest in the series.
At the moment I have no clue how it will end. All I know is that I want some kind of a 3D effect which I'll achieve by cutting her our of the Wedi board.

I painted the board roughly white so it will be easier to sketch her.

I have decided to make a "dynamic" contour. I cut randomly black glass using wheeled nippers. I don't plan the cuts. The curve is made naturally by the nippers. I'll cut a lot and then I'll choose the ones to use.

My first problem is the chin:

1 - the chin has to be less out, which will make the lips sexier
2 - chin in which is good, but it is too big
3 - this part of the chin is write
4 -this neck is too old
5 - finally the right chin and the the right neck

This process took about an hour.

In the following photos you can see how I do the knee -

When I lay the contour I don't try to be precise. on the contrary, the "shaking" line and the imperfect connections make it very lively and cheerful.

A tip - I do the connection between the "tiles" with a diagonal cut and not a strait one. It matches better. I don't have a photos of that. I owe you one.

By the end of the day - 5-6 hours - this is what I managed to do:


  1. just like a chinese ink drawing...

  2. Irit, what a treat to watch your process. I'm on the edge of my seat for the next installments.

  3. sylvie rebiffé biondiMarch 14, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    thanks Irit, it's very instructive to see your method

  4. Irit, thank you for sharing can't wait to see her develop!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the process! I'm looking forward to the progress also.

  6. Nice process to watch, what glue to you like?

  7. Wow! I love to be able to tune in for a play by play of how you create these wonderful women! Thanks.

  8. Francois, you took the words right out of my finger tips. I've always thought that the Big outlines look like calligraphy brush strokes. Is this a rainy day Big, Irit?

  9. Thanks for the comments all.
    Jax - I usually use PVA for exterior. It is very strong. But it is still easier to remove parts of the mosaic than with thinset, Ultramastic or silicon. Even when I flood it with water I will usually need to hammer it out.
    Nancie - yes, she holds an umbrella.

  10. Thanks a lot Irit for sharing your work!! It's so interesting !!

  11. another in "a big serie" ! stef wolters

  12. First...I ordered new nippers!! What a relvalation...I've just been replacing the wheels. And now I feel I'm in a wonderful class! To have you explain your process is such treat. Thank you for taking the time to post in such glorious details.

  13. Can't afford classes right now, so this has been a real treat. It is easy to read and follow. Thanks again.