March 28, 2011

Day 12 - Recording WIP

I added her more hair and now she is ready to be cut. If you are not familiar with Wedi boards, here is a photo of its profile. It is easily cut.
Cut it in section or you might risk breaking it.
IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you are cutting not in the direction of your other hand or you risk cutting yourself, and this is a nasty cut!Here she is, fully cut. I have not removed yet the parts between her hair, scarf and fingers. This I'll do right before I glue her on a new surface. These parts are extremely thin and might break if not handle correctly. In the next few days she will rest until I figure out how to continue her

Questions and answers:

Why do you have 2 cutters on your table? - Well, actually I had three... Cutting the Wedi "eats" the blades and I didn't have spare... but I have a lot of cutters...

Did you dress up for the camera? - no, this is how I work... I wear "dirt" cloths when I use paints, cement or grout.

And your nails??? - My nails are my most important working tool! I put gel on them (well, not me, the manicurist...) once in a while to have them strong and resistant to all materials...

Any more questions?


  1. Even if she hasn't the Naomi Campbell silhouette, she is beautiful !! Congrats to you ! Thanks for take the time to look at my mosaic album on FB.

  2. She makes me feel like "Spring", so happy!!! And yay gel a very important mosaic tool :)