April 9, 2009

Art I saw in NY

I went to NY for a long weekend about 3 weeks ago. Of course I hardly had any time to visit galleries, but in the 3 hours I dedicated for it I saw some wonderful works, even some mosaic art.

I happened to see a solo exhibition by Judy Clifford. Most of the works on display were oil paintings combined with mosaic, but the caption said: "Oil painting and fused glass". I asked the lady at the reception: "are these fused glass? It looks like mosaic to me."
Immediately she presented herself as the artist, Judy Clifford, and agreed with me that it was mosaic, mainly tempered glass mosaic, however she uses the term "fused glass" because mosaic is sadly consider as anything but art.

So here we are again having the problem to make our mosaic be looked at as art. Because it is art.

P.s. the work on the left was rejected from the 2009 SAMA exhibition, but was sold on the opening night of the exhibition for $1000.
Congratulation Judy.

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