February 27, 2009

Leaning nude

I have decided to "translate" one of my painting to mosaic. That painting - Leaning Nude - was painted in the late 90's. The model was leaning on a ladder. Right in the middle of painting her I felt I wouldn't want to paint yet another nude. I divided the canvas to two and treated half of it more as an abstract.
The least few days I was busying myself with doing the same with mosaic. It was a great experience which I'll probably do more.
For the painting I used acrylics.
For the mosaic I used vitreous, marble and ceramic tiles.


  1. Irit...I love this mosaic. It's one of my very favorites. Since I seem to see symbolism in many things I certainly see or interpret some here. The play of the dark and light, the brilliant blue outlining and the design are superb. The painting is outstanding. You are an amazing artists.

  2. Ha...I came back to make another comment about this wonderful mosaic...so here's another BRAVO!!

  3. Thank you Pam for your endless support.