February 20, 2009

What a Big Happiness

My happy big lady is finished. I feel as if she is really dancing in front of my eyes.

For the contour of her body I used black glass cut randomly and then glues in a way so it looks like brush strokes of ink. Initially I thought to make the body only white but then changed my mind and added the yellow shadows. I felt she was more alive like that.

The background is marble. I felt I needed to use a totally different material than her body so she will not be a part of the background. She will be a separate entity floating despite her volume. the heavy feeling of the marble makes her even lighter.

She make me happy.


  1. She makes me happy too, Irit! I think her hands express her joy the best - you did a fantastic job with them.

  2. I love this one, Irit. I think it's so cool you got the idea half asleep. I have some of those written in my old, old journals. Perhaps I should revisit them!

  3. Irit!!!
    I love this....& all your work (as you know).
    Wonderful blog....I'll be following it.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    Thought of you & this work when I saw this call to artists....maybe it's a fit?

  4. This is fantastic Irit! I love how joyful she seems to be. This piece challenges the way we look at body image (for me anyway). The black outline looks like brushstrokes.



  5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.
    I am currently working on another lady, or should I say, the same lady in a slightly different pose. But it will take a while until I can show it. I am working currently on many projects simultaneously.