February 20, 2009

Tree swap finished :-)

I have recieved Christine's trees a few days ago. I can't expressed the feeling I had when I held the box even before I opened it. And then when I opened it... wow... I hung it immedietly on the wall in the entrance facing the door. So now, whenever I come home it is the first thingI see.

Christine has received my tree only today. Finally I can take a deep breath. It took so long to arrive to its new home.

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  1. Irit, I didn't tell you that I was in the middle of grouting when the mail carrier rang the doorbell! She left it on the doorstep, I grabbed it and ran inside, didn't even wash my hands! Then when I finally cut it open, I was VERY careful not to touch it so it wouldn't get grout on it (Even though I wanted to!!) I love it so much! Thank you for doing this with me! xxx Christine