April 21, 2012

The process of doubts

I have just finished my new portrait papercute.
It was done from a photo of a young woman, very blond and with no marks on the face. It was a serious task to find the structure of the face and add the lines without "olding" her. I need the lines not only for making it more dramatic, but also so that I have "bridges" to keep piece from falling apart.
I knew before hand that I'd paint the lips purple (as it was in the photo), and for about 2 hours I was happy...
Then I decided to have her lie on a yellow "bed".
I painted a white paper with various shades of yellows mixed with blues, greens and reds and then I tore the paper and assemble it to a new background (I am a mosaicist after all...)

I am not sure yet whether to have her on the yellow background or not. I'll let it rest for a few days and then I'll hopefully decide.

I promised in the previous post to post details of the process, so bellow you can see photos of the process. I always (try) to keep my promises... :-)


  1. So great to see your process, Irit!
    Your art is always spectacular ~ no matter which medium!
    So happy you have joined the portrait party!!!

  2. Thank you Gila.
    I have to "blame" you for this new addiction called portrait party...

  3. I like the yellow colour behind her...always go with your first gut feelings I say..... it is spectacular Irit.