October 20, 2009

For the first time...

For the first time in my mosaic experience I ran out of materials without even noticing it :-(
I never buy exactly what I need, I just buy loads of materials that I like knowing that one day I'll use them. I like just to have everything and more than enough so I don't have any limits. Part of the life of an artist who can't plan in advance.
I am going tomorrow to Vallauris (pottery village in southern France) to look for black unglazed ceramic tiles. I really want to finish my new piece by Thursday before we leave for our vacation (oh, yes, va-ca-sh-on... lol, we are following the sun for a few days).

1 comment:

  1. Love your work. And happy to see that another mosaic artist just buys materials hoping to use them sometime. I love your mixture of Smalti and flat glass; I will have to try that. Thanks for giving me inspiration. Peace, Molly Perusse