October 31, 2009

And then I started to sign my works...

Something weird is definitely happening to me with my mosaic works.

I, and everyone around me, got already used to my addiction to mosaicing. Though with this addiction I have less and less people around me...

Then one day I started to frame my works. Okay, I am used to that also (I always felt the works shouldn't be framed, or should I say, I had always felt so...).

But now I started to sign them. Is it really me? Well, the signature is definitely mine, so it must be me.


  1. That's great...owning your art. Menossi says that's an important step. Glad to see you've taken that.

  2. That is great; it's a step I have not yet taken. I am curious HOW you sign it..with paint? ink?

  3. It took about 2 years to feel comfortable with signing...
    I sign on a paper (which I paint before with a color as Identical as possible to the tiles in that area)and when it is dry I glue on it a transparent glass. I make sure to glue it real well with no bubbles to avoid the grout making a mess out of it...