May 4, 2014

The Art of Being an Artist

I am just "recovering" from Art Monaco.
This year I was a part of this huge event. Someone told me I was very brave to decide exhibiting there with the big sharks. I am happy I showed my art there and even happier it is over.
The show started with a black-tie event at 5pm on the 24th of April. I had finished installing my booth only 2 hours earlier. A few were still at this hard work during the opening.
At 5pm a swarm of people, all dressed at there best filled all the humongous venue. It was fascinating. It was scary.
Dressed with a white dress myself and high heels, I was sitting at my spot, looking at the crowd.

Looking at the crowd and watching the people manning their booths I came at some insights concerning the Art World -

The black-tie crowd
They come right on time and stay during the whole event. They fill the venue in their best clothes, their best perfumes. They come with their friends and families, throw themselves with hugs and kisses on others they meet there. They chat, they laugh, they are happy, they celebrate yet another pleasant evening. They give boost to the exhibition while members of the press are roaming around and take photos of celebrities. They are mostly filling the corridors, hardly entering the booths to take a close eye on the art.

The common visitors
Some come with their families, some come with one friend, some come alone. They come to see Art! They walk the corridors, they look at the art from the corridors. A very big piece that catches their eyes will usually not invite them in, they see it better from afar. It is the smaller pieces that attract them into a booth to examine the works carefully. They talk shyly to the people in the booth, sometimes take photos, always look at the price and then they go on to the next booth.

The investors and art dealers
You cannot tell who is an art investor in the crowd.
They follow the promotion days in advance and they look at the works online, and they are quick to follow their interest with a phone call or email. They are looking to put their hands on art that looks promising to them. Artists love them. They are giving a great support.

The people in the booths
These are the most fascinating ones from my point of view. I watched them carefully.
They are busy with the ART OF SEDUCTION. A smile, a flirt with the audience will invite them in. They hand everyone business cards and some more paper. They talk to the people immediately when an eye connection is made. They don't let them go until they finish to talk about the art they are representing. You can see immediately who is a professional in this trade, the professional ones will never sit, but stand in the entrance of the booth.

Not planning to be there so much, I did find myself spending many hours in my booth. Most of the time I was reading, avoiding any communications, bored to death.

I am just someone who enjoys doing art. Nothing special about me, the world is full of people like me. I definitely should not represent my art, I lack the ability to seduce.
I need to do what I am best at and avoid the rest.
Because the art of being an artist is merely to make art.


  1. There is definitely something special about you. Your art is special too. Your assessment sound correct, although I have never been to an art show like that.
    Love and kisses,