November 18, 2012

Blue Lines

A while ago I started a new style of painting. Got to admit, I am happy my long time art teachers cannot see it. Being trained on expression in art via composition, size and color, this new style don't meet (at all!) the education I acquired for more than 4 years. I can excuse myself by saying that this was more than half a century ago, but you should not buy it...
I wanted to give my boy a special painting and for no reason I can think about, I have done this painting. 
I've started with the blue lines. I loved the movement of his hair. It gave it some energy, flow and a sense of composition. It took me a few weeks to finish. Since I started with the lines I had to work slowly and accurately between the lines. Stupid... I know... but I felt I needed the lines to guide me.
Since then I have made a few more paintings using the same method.


My last one is on canvas. I worked differently. I've started it with the background giving it somewhat an expressive mood.
 More of these (and many more) can been seen on my Flickr.


  1. I really like these, Irit! And I think that all those rules and guidelines you learn in art school is just so you can know what you are doing when you disregard them.

    The last one (on canvas) is especially beautiful. You captured expression very well.

  2. Thanks LeeAnne.
    the last one is the only one so far on canvas so I guess I gave it more "arty" approach.