August 31, 2011

Unplanned Abstract

I have started a new mosaic, an abstract this time. As a painter I used to paint many abstracts, all of them a la prima (no plans or sketches in advance). In my mosaics I usually concentrated on people and the few abstracts I did were well prepared with layout and colors before I glue any tile.
A week ago, when I finally entered my studio, I felt it was TIME for abstract, unplanned abstract. I chose only two colors in stained glass and Smalti and started gluing them with no plans.
The black swirl just "popped-up" during the work on it. I guess this is somehow my "signature" that you can find in many of the backgrounds of my mosaic works. But other than that, this is all new process to me.
I have no idea how it will look like when (an if) it is finished. Meanwhile, it is a worthy straggle.
(p.s. sorry for posting the photos not in the right order...)


  1. Good to see you working again Irit. The sharp blue edges against the black are very evocative.

  2. Me too, happy to see working again...
    Go go go !!
    Jolies sandales !! :O)

  3. Excellent to see you in action again!
    Sometimes no plan is a good plan ~ I needed a little kick in the butt myself & started one like that yesterday!

  4. Spontaneity + Mastery = Oh My Goodness! Party on.

  5. Thanks girls. Good the feel again the urge to create and even better to be encouraged :-)