October 4, 2010

I Am Here

It's been long since I wrote something on any of my blogs.
The books project takes so much of my time that I hardly have any spare time left.
However, being the person who I am, I need to do my art, and I DO find time to mosaic and paint. The ideas runs in my mind and every few days I start something new as not to loose the idea. I have many beginnings.

Last month I did this scribble and immediately I thought I wanted to mosaic it.

My thought was to make it blacks and whites, similar to the scribble.
I scribbled a similar girl on my substrate and with the first glass I glued on it I neglected the drawing character which I wanted to maintain.

The piece has changed under my hands with every tile I glued. From the arrogant girl of the scribbled grew up an attractive but reserved, hiding lady.

I Am Here.


  1. So interesting to see, Irit, that this stands. Is it sculptural? It's a very exciting image.

  2. looking at your mosaics and reading your blog, it is funny that I was determined to have one of my own creations in the book, and I am working so hard on it, but the reason that there is a connection there, is our artistic process is similar in we can't stop making a piece of art until it is done. The image can be well done, but until it is done in your heart, mind, and soul, if just isn't complete, and it is just in our nature to keep changing it until it is done. I have a lot of beginners starting to read my blog because I am doing a tutorial on my abstract. I am so excited about it. I am glad that I read your blog about you having to keep working on a piece. It really touched my heart.

    Rayna (sounds like Renee)