October 9, 2009

Big Skies - a tribute to Chagall

On June 09 I have received an email from Julie Stedman, a mosaic artist and the owner of Opus Gallery in Exeter UK, announcing a group exhibition to be open on November 09 inspired by Marc Chagall. I have done some research on the internet and in the Chagall museum in Nice, France. Inspired by Chagall's paintings and 2 of his mosaics - The Four Season in Chicago and The Zodiac in Nice, combined by inspiration from my own past art, I have created Big Skies -

Here are Chagall's works that inspired me:
(The Four Season - detail, The Zodiac - detail, Le Marchand de bestiaux - detail)

And here are my works that inspired me:
(Flying - acrylic on canvas, 1998 ; Big Happiness - 2009 ; Big Steps - 2009)

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