July 19, 2009

Where are my works???

I was looking around my studio recently and I must admit it feels too empty.
2 works are hanging on my walls at home (Ma petite and Anticipating), 3 works reside in my storage at home after coming back from exhibitions, and others are now exhibited or going to be exhibited soon.

Le Mistral and After the storm are in
Opus Mosaic Gallery in the UK

The above 10 works are in the

The above 2 paintings - Baby Face and Cranberry? -
are travelling next month to a biennale in Chianciano, Italy.


  1. An empty studio, in your case, is a successful one! Congratulations that so much of your work is being seen by others. Maybe now you will consider commissions? :-)

  2. Oh Christine, you know I have this bug about commissions...