May 27, 2009

Now I am finally ready for abstract

I LOVE abstract and I haven't done any yet in mosaic.
Now that I am "celebrating" 2 years as a mosaic artist I feel that I a ready for my first abstract.

The plan is do have lots of red spirals on a black background. I work with no reference and no sketch. I only doodled on the plywood rough spirals to have a reasonable flow with the glass.
I marked with the masking tape a few line which will "interrupt" the spirals.


  1. This is going to be another winner! I like the idea of interrupting the spirals. What will go in the taped off sections?

  2. Thanks Lee Ann.
    I will remove the tape later Now I am thinking I'll make this section with sand and sink some tiles into it but I'm not sure.

  3. Love your color scheme and your trademark cutting is evident already. Woo Hoo! Looking forward to more! when you get back :-)

  4. How was your trip?!! I want to hear all about the class! Can't wait to see what you make next! Aaaaaand how you finish this one :-)

  5. Hey Christine,

    Trip was great and exhausting. I'll arrange my (very few) photos and add them to a post here on the workshop.
    And this abstract... it will take a lot of time. I just don;t have time for mosaicing now and it will get better only in mid-August :-(